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how to arrange your scatter cushions

This post focuses on arranging cushions on a bed, if you would like to see our recommendations on how to arrange cushions on a sofa then tell us in the comments below!

There are so many people that love the comfort and luxury of cushions in the bedroom, but it can get bored putting them back in the same place every morning.. Below we have some photos of inspiration, along with a few style tips to help!

Before choosing what cushions you want to feature on your bed, you need to consider the size of it to ensure you don’t overcrowd. There are then different shapes and sizes to consider also.. Below are some examples of cushion arrangements featuring different shaped and sized cushions to consider.

The great thing is that there’s no wrong way to arrange your cushions, it’s just a matter of taste and preference, so once you have your cushions, it’s time to start arranging! There is no need to rush this step, try a few different ones for a day at a time, this way you’ll get to live with the arrangement and find the arrangement you love!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Mix textures and colours. This will help to create a layered look instead of all the cushions blending together! It also makes it a lot easier if you go off a particular fabric, to switch it up for a different one.

2. Use a range of different sizes. By doing so, from whatever angle you look at the bed, all the different cushions and textures will be visible, giving that textured and well put together look.

3. Always start with the biggest cushions. Place your biggest cushions closest to the headboard, this will mean that all cushions are visible and organised rather than just thrown on the bed.

4. Buy in pairs. If you’re dressing a double, king, or super-king, always buy your cushions in pairs, this will help create a line of symmetry and create a relaxing tone throughout the room…. With the exception of a feature cushion to be placed at the very front, if you so wish.

We hope this has helped inspire! What are your tips for arranging cushions?

Please share with us your own photos!

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